Check Mate

Check Mate 

I've had these photos in my camera for a little minute so I figured I'd get them up on the blog.

After living in NYC for a few years I grew accustomed to the all black way of life. Give me a good black turtle neck paired with a pair of black high waisted jeans...classic. It can always be dressed up and accessorized. 

Here I paired it with a mustard leather jacket and black lace up booties and... BOOM! Cute little fit for the evening.  


Jacket: SheIn
Jeans: Forever21
Booties: Ego 


I'm Back and I'm Better...

Heyyyyy!!!!! Oh man how i've missed blogging! 
I know, it's been A MINUTE!

I came across this quote on Instagram not too long ago and it couldn't have been more fitting of my life!
I can't believe the last time I posted was over a year ago on my 2nd year anniversary of living in NYC.. Well, I can say my life has done a complete 180 since writing that post. 
2017/2018 were the most challenging years of my life.

2017 Broke Me
That's putting it lightly. It's still tough to put myself back in that head space of 2017. Losing my best friend and my Brother is something that I deal with every. single. day. The pain never goes away.

2018 Opened My Eyes
2018 placed a lot into perspective for me. It was a year of complete transition and reflection. I left New York to be much closer to my family. That was a TOUGH decision for me to make because I didn't want to because of my career, and all I had accomplished just by being in NY. I was in the best city and company that anyone with a career in corporate fashion could be.... but for my mental and overall well-being I had to.
Returning to NY after my brothers death I developed severe anxiety and started to suffer from mild depression. I wouldn't leave my apartment unless it was for work. I had a panic attack that landed me in the emergency myself. It was at that moment I knew I had to do what was really best for me. 
And God, as always looked out for the kid. My transition back closer to home couldn't have worked out any better than it did. I was able to land a job in my career field right before my lease was up in the city so it was all perfect timing. 
After moving my biggest goal was to get myself into some sort of therapy. I had to. Now, unfortunately in the black community therapy isn't a topic that is talked about too often. We're often taught to "pray it away" or "talk to God about it". . Not saying there is anything wrong with that but I knew I needed something more than that.... which all leads back to me getting back into blogging. My therapist recommended using my blog as an outlet. It's something I've always enjoyed doing but after everything that happened I lost all interest in everything I once loved. She advised me that it would be a great way to get back into the groove of finding Zenese again. 

SO! Here I am. . . I'm excited to get back into it and bring new and different content to this blog. Unlike before I don't want to solely focus on just fashion and beauty. I'm bringing my lifestyle into ZeneseAshley and I can't wait to bring you guys along and share it all with you.

So here's to 2019....... I'm BACK! 

As always, thanks for the love and support! Xoxo, Z!