Mini Haul: Random Beauty Pick Ups

My name is Zenese and I am a product junkie! I'm pretty sure I have told you all this before, but the problem is real. I am the girl who takes weekly trips to Target (well, living in NYC now making that trip isn't so easy anymore lol) however, I've found random local beauty stores to help make up for that!

Over the past week or so I've picked up some random beauty products that I thought I would share with you all :)

Make Up Forever : Duo Mat Powder Foundation

I have been wanting to try this powder foundation for the longest, but every time I made a trip to Sephora the shade I needed was never in stock! This past week I was strolling down Madison Ave. and walked past the absolutely insane, mega-sized Sephora on I believe the corner of 59th and just had to stop in. The makeup Gods were on my side that day, they finally had the shade I needed!

I purchased the powder foundation in shade '218'. The only other powder foundation I ever use is MAC Studio Fix so I'm excited to try this out and see how it works in comparison.
The Make Up Forever Duo Mat Powder Foundation runs about $36 and can be found at Sephora and other retailers that carry Make Up Forever.

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal, HD Concealer

If you all only knew how long I have been on the hunt for this concealer, the excitement I had in Ricky's beauty supply store would only explain it! Whether you are an expert in makeup, a beginner, or somewhere in the middle like myself I am sure you have heard about or seen this concealer.  I finally found this concealer on a whim leaving from work and walking into Ricky's, a popular beauty supply store here in NYC.

I purchased the color "Medium Bisque", which at the time I purchased I thought it was the shade "Medium Beige" (After watching a thousand reviews on YouTube I knew thats the shade I wanted). Anyway, after using this product twice so far it for sure lives up to its hype! This concealer goes on super creamy and does not crease after wearing for a few hours. I use concealer specifically for highlighting underneath the eyes and it was perfect shade for my skin complexion. I will definitely be stopping back at Ricky's to purchase more shades! (Maybe I will finally teach myself to contour)

(sorry for the lighting of this pic, but I wanted to capture the true color of the concealer)

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal is only $5! I've heard it can be cheaper at other beauty supply stores and it can also be purchased online on L.A. Pro Girl's website.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

NYX is hands down one of my favorite drug store brands! Very great quality products for a great price. On my very same trip to Ricky's where I found my Pro Concealer I found a brand new nude colored lippie! The soft matte lip creams are some of my favorite matte lips to wear. I have 3 other colors from the collection so I was so happy to find a nude in the color "Abu Dhabi". When it comes to nude lipsticks I am super particular because I am a #BrownGirl and it is often a struggle finding the perfect nude.

Choosing a drugstore nude lip is even more of a challenge since most times you can't test it out. However I had watched enough reviews and lip swatch videos that I was willing to take the risk and purchase it. I am so glad I did, Abu Dhabi has been the only lip product that I have worn this past week! I love it because yes, it is a nude but it has a slight pink/ mauve undertone so it works for my skin tone and it doesn't make my lips look ashy.

I definitely recommend this lippie for anyone on the hunt for a nude matte lip, its the real deal! If you aren't a fan of matte lipsticks I would still say give it a try, its a lip that you can mix with a gloss or lip moisturizer to make it more satin.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams cost $6

Essie : Spin the Bottle

Lastly, I picked up this Essie nail polish in the color "Spin the Bottle" at TJ Maxx.. I don't know about you all, but when I find an Essie polish thats less than $9-10, I grab it! I found this gorgeous color for only $2.99! So I couldn't leave it behind.

Well, I just wanted to share with you all a couple of the new beauty products i've picked up! If you try any of this products out be sure to comment and let me know how they work out for you!

Thanks again for reading + all of the continued support! Xoxo, Z! 

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