Travel With Z: Bahamas Trip!

Hi loves! Pleaseeeeee forgive me for this long overdue post! I have made a HUGE move recently that I absolutely can't wait to share with you guys :) ... but for now I want to share my recent trip to the Bahamas with you all!

As most know, or will come to realize I LOVE to travel! I love going new places and experiencing different cultures and learning new things. I can thank my parents for making me a frequent traveler from a young age and making sure I see and experience all that the world has to offer!

My recent trip to the Bahamas was actually my 3rd time visiting this gorgeous island! However, like they say the third time is the charm! The last time I paid the Bahamas a visit I believe I was 11 or 12 years old, so I can say I didn't take in and appreciate the culture as much as I did this go around.

This time around I took a girls' trip via cruise for one of my best friends', Sha'Derrickah, 23rd birthday! We couldn't have celebrated any better by taking a relaxing, yet fun trip to the islands to close out the summer. 

We took the Carnival Fantasy cruise ship from the Port of Charleston, and yes, don't judge me this is a pic from my snapchat story lol. 

Within the first thirty minutes of being on the boat we already had drinks in our hands, thanks to our unlimited drink pass and were exploring every inch of the ship! 

Our first day at sea it was literally just us and the Atlantic Ocean. The view of looking out and being surrounded by nothing but the ocean was so peaceful, yet scary at the same time. Lol. The feeling of being ultimately cut off from the world for the next couple of days (because we couldn't use our phones. The price for wifi was ridiculous) was the best part of the trip. It allowed me to actually enjoy my trip and have fun!

Bathing Suit Details

Top: Missguided
Bottoms: F21

Friday we spent the entire day at sea so it gave us all the time to lay out, go to the pool and take full advantage of all the water slides on the boat!

Just me, my Pina Colada and the ocean!

Friday, the 11th was Sha'Derrickah's actual birthday so that night we just had to get a little fancyyyy

We rocked an all white ensemble for dinner that night! Of course we took a ton of those typical cheesy, cruise pictures. They came out soo bomb! I wish I could post butttt because of copyright issues and us almost getting caught taking pics of them lol.. I can't!


Shoes: Zara

Saturday was all about exploring the gorgeous land of the Bahamas! As soon as we docked at the port in the Bahamas, what does it do?.. Pour down raining! Unpredicted down pours were expected seeing as it is an island, we headed off the boat dressed in ponchos. Seeing as it was most of the groups first time there we decided to have a tour guide take us around the island to visit the beach and the famous Atlantis hotel!


We spent the day sight seeing, eating and of course shopping at all the shops the island has to offer.

Bathing Suit:

yes, i went a little hard with the flash tatts! Lol

Nothing like the Bahamas beaches!

I even found a "Charlotte St." in the Bahamas!... Hardly home, but always reppin'; 704!

Now ya'll know I couldn't talk about my trip without mentioning FOOD! Let me just say, I have never eaten so much in my life! I'm small, but I can eat and let me tell you when you go a cruise one thing that you will get enough of is food! I ate so good! 

Sunday we had another day at sea, so of course you know Sunday = Brunch day! I got the group together to have a nice brunch (with mimosas, of course).. my favorite!

Just thought I would share... French toast coated in Frosted Flakes cereal! Mmmmohhmygod!!


I wish I had taken more pics on this trip as a whole, but honestly I was more focused on relaxing. Not having a care in the world, falling asleep on the outside deck for hours at a time, enjoying unlimited drinks, food, fun and taking in the beauty of it all..... This was hands down one of my favorite vacations, ever!

Good times, surrounded by good people! 

Until next time, thanks for reading! Xoxo, Z! 

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