My Summer Obsessions!

With August here I couldn't let time get by me without sharing some of my summer favorites! We're entering the home stretch of summer and these are some of the things that I've been grabbing for all summer long. This list has no particular theme. I've included fashion, beauty, hair and just random items that I have simply been obsessed with this summer.

// Fringe Obsession //

So without a doubt anything fringe this summer has been my favorite. This trend has been absolutely everywhere and I must say I am all in, 100% here for it! Obsessed would be putting it mildly. I find any excuse to wear my nude Zara fringe heels and I wear my black fringe bag just about everyday. 


I love how versatile these shoes are. I can wear them dressed up for a night look or casually during the day. The neutral color is also a plus. 

You can't have fringe shoes without a fringe bag.... I'm typically the type that changes my bag everyday to match with my outfit, well that hasn't been the case since I purchased this purse from Nordstrom. The entire month of July I did not switch out my bag once. I am in loveeee with this fringe bag lol.. It's the perfect everyday bag!

// Matte Obsession //

Now for all my beauty and make-up lovers, we all know there is nothing better than a great foundation that leaves your face looking flawless and beat to capacity!.. However, I am not a fan of makeup during the hot and humid weather of the summer. There is no feeling that is more annoying than the one of your makeup feeling as though it is about to melt off your face. Maybelline's FIT Me! Matte & Poreless liquid foundation is IT for the summer time! 

I'm going to be honest, when I first purchased this foundation I hated it.. Partially because I purchased the wrong color at first. I originally purchased it in color 330 Toffee Caramel and after trying it out a couple of times I realized that was not my color. It took me awhile to actually find the 355 Coconut color since every Target & Ulta I went to that would be the only color that was out of stock. 

Once I found it, it was like gold! This foundation is super light weight and has a light consistency which is perfect and just right for the summer weather. I typically only like to wear foundation to even out my skin tone and for it to look as natural as possible and this does just that. It has great coverage that is again, lightweight and doesn't feel heavy on the skin. This is for sure the only foundation that I have worn this summer.

// Hair Product Obsession //

What would my summer obsessions be without the mention of my favorite hair products!? As most know the summer months is the time where I allow my natural curls to run wild & free, so I am constantly trying out different products on my hair. As many great products as I've tried out this summer I have two that have been my absolute fave and the ones that have had my curls just flourishing and looking FAB!

First up, Shea Moisture's Tahitian Noni & Monoi Smooth & Repair Nourishing Hair Masque. This hair masque is literally like a milkshake for your hair! Its not a heavy, thick hair masque like many of Shea Moisture's masque typically are. I use this after shampooing and conditioning and it leaves my hair feeling sooo hydrated and super soft!

I snapped some quick photos of my hair after I rinsed the masque out... My curls were popping with absolutely no other product in it. This masque had my hair oh so soft with no frizz! I defenitely recommend trying!

Next up, let me start off by saying this has been my favorite product this summer! This Creme of Nature Pudding Perfection gives my curls the hold and definition like no other product that I use! I've received tons of sample sized packets of this product from various events I've attended and it wasn't until this past week I actually found it in stores! This product is EVERYTHING!

Just look at that DEFINITION... No frizz, definition and NO crunch. I can't stand a product that gives me great hold and definition but gives my curls a crunch or that hard, crunchy feeling. This product does not do that at all. Its without a doubt my favorite Creme of Nature product!

// Nude Lippie Obsession //

There is nothing better than a good nude lipstick! MAC's "Velvet Teddy" has been my ride or die this summer. It is the perfect shade of nude with a hint of pink that compliments my skin tone so perfectly.

// Aviator Obsession //

Lastly, what's summer without your go-to pair of sunglasses? These aviator style glasses that I purchased from Aldo are without a doubt my sunglass obsession for this summer. I keep at least two other styles of sunglasses in my car, but these are the ones that I grab first. I am literally ALWAYS in these sunglasses. Lol, I know for a fact at least 3 of my last Instagram post from the past month I'm wearing these shades! They're the perfect summer shades.

Well beauties, thats the end of my very much random summer obsessions! Lol.. I just had to share all of the things that I have basically wore out and used up so far this summer. I hope this has maybe given you all ideas of new products to try out.

Hope you all enjoyed! Thank you again so much for all the love & support! Until next time <3

Xoxo, Zenese! 

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