Concrete Jungle

Concrete Jungle 

The Big Apple. The city that never sleeps. The city of dreams. Whatever you may want to call New York. I can't believe I really get to call this place home. I am entering my 8 month mark of calling this city home. I am living in the city I have always dreamed of living in. 

little me; Just, Z from NC taking on the big city! 

Even though I've been in NYC for a few months now, I am for sure still a tourist at times. There is so much of this city that I have yet to explore. 

For a day out exploring the city I went for a really casual look. Now, most that know me know I'm not a huge sneaker girl, but . .living in the city s l o w l y but surely has me buying more sneakers than I normally would , just because living in NY requires a ton of walking and doing it in heel is a no-go! 

Where everything is purchased from listed: 

Olive Bomber: TopShop
Turtleneck: H&M
Jeans: Nordstrom 
Sneakers: Addidas (superstar)

Location: The High Line

Thanks for checking in, until next time! Xo, Z 

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