Travel With Z: Toronto + OVOFest!

"Views from the 6"

What's up beauties!?... I know, I know I've been missing in action once again and I am so sorry about that. My summer has been super busy, which I know is no excuse ... but I can't lie I lost my motivation and spark to blog for a little.

However, I have a post all about my recent trip to Toronto for you guys!

Canada has always been a travel destination on my bucket list, so when my best friend from college asked if I would be down to go to OVOFest this year, OF COURSE I said "Let's GO!

For those that don't know, OVOFest is a weekend long music festival hosted by Drake, who is from Toronto. The event usually falls during the Canadian Civic Holiday weekend. This year OVOFest intertwined with the Summer Sixteen Tour featuring Drake and Future.

We decided to attend both concert shows on Sunday evening as well as Monday. Each night there was a different set of musical guests that came out to perform. These guests included Rihanna, French Montana, Kanye West and more in addition to Drake and Future. 

The energy in the arena was absolutely INSANE! Not only because of the artist themselves but because Toronto is Drake's hometown so he went extra hard for his city and in return his city went extra hard for him. It was a pretty cool thing to experience. 

Aside from attending the concerts we explored Toronto like true tourist. I wasn't really sure what to expect from this city also referred to as "the 6"... but let me tell you, Toronto is absolutely GORGEOUS! The entire city is literally amazing views!


While in Toronto we of course had to have Sunday Brunch. I found this really cute restaurant called 'Harlem Underground', which was literally like a little piece of Harlem, NY in Toronto. Since I live in Harlem it was definitely a "home away from home" experience and the food was amazing! 

Behind the restaurant was a really cool alley with nothing but graffiti art so of course I had to have a mini photoshoot. 

Some of the activities we did included a boat tour around Toronto that gave us a swoop around the Toronto Islands as well as doing a tour of the famous CN Tower. (Yes, the tower Drake is sitting on top of the Views album cover lol) 

We went to the highest point allowed which was 447 meters (1,467ft.). It is the world's highest public observation gallery. The view of the city from that high up was absolutely crazyyyy! I had to reevaluate if I was afraid of heights at one point. It was beautiful to see. 



Overall, Toronto was a great time! It was a trip that was definitely worth taking. Between just exploring the city and OVOFest, we had so much fun. I'm used to the loud, craziness of New York City so being in a city that was so quiet, peaceful and where the people are so polite, was amazing.  

Thanks for checking this post out, until next time. Xoxo, Z :) 

Be sure to check out Taelor's YouTube channel to see the video footage from our trip! 

*Disclaimer: most of these photos were taken off my phone because I honestly forgot to carry my Nikon around most of the trip (sorry). . so the quality isn't the best. 

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