#BlogMas | Capetown

Heyyyy beauties! Look at me sticking with this #Blogmas schedule! So okay, this technically has nothing to do with Christmas or the holidays... However, I had to share what one of my favorite fall/winter trends is right now... Capes! I've posted about them before, but obviously I just can't get enough of them.

To be honest, I for sure feel like I have been living in NYC too long now because I feel like all I wear is BLACK, so adding a cape to my all black uniform jazzes it up a bit.

This particular look I wore on Thanksgiving. Again, a simple all black 'fit. . Black turtleneck and jeans. This cape I found at Forever 21 for only $16!

I thought this particular color would be perfect for Fall and at that price I couldn't leave it behind.

A second cape option is one that I picked up from H&M with a similar color scheme for $24.

 I just find capes so easy to change up the look of a simple outfit. Even though I am very petite and I usually steer far away from anything over-sized, these particular capes work for me.


Tasseled Poncho  

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