Christmas Party Recap!

I think it is safe to say, my Christmas party is definitely becoming a yearly tradition! We were back at it again this year with the Ugly Sweater Party and it was even bigger and better this go around! 

 Sweater was purchased via 

The party this year was a step up from last year's party consisting of customized snapchat filters, a bartender and tacky Photo Booth area. But honestly, none of the extras were really needed for us to have a good time! I truly just enjoy getting all of my friends together for the holidays. Its becoming one of my favorite Christmas traditions now. 


I have to give a HUGE shoutout and thank you to our bartender for the evening. Ms. Melissa of "Mahogany Bartending & Entertainment" for serving us amazing drinks and getting us all completely LIT.  That signature "Grinch Punch" was amazing! 

I have to give it up to Salim who came through in the full on Santa suit! "East Side Santa" played no games! 

Here's our take on the Mannequin Challenge... Took us like 3 takes to get this! 

Without a doubt, we all had a blast! These are 10+ years of friendship so its honestly nothing less than a good time when we all link up! I genuinely love them all and I couldn't be any more proud to have my house filled with such amazing people!

So y'all already know... We're back at it again next year! :) 

Xoxo, Z! 

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